Brighton Natural Health Foundation aims to provide a central hub of expertise, training, advice and referrals for a wide range of mindful movement activities.
As part of this we will over the coming months provide extensive research evidence for these practices on this page of our website. We are committed to expanding and improving this provision and to updating it appropriately. As a demonstration of our intent, we include here a substantial body of research evidence demonstrating the benefits of two areas of mindful movement - Tai Chi and Yoga.

Evidence for Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathing in health

There is much research that yoga – which includes asana (physical movement), meditation and pranayama (breath work) – has profound effects on physical and emotional health. 

See below for evidence-based research on the following themes (there is obviously some overlap here, as yoga sees the body/mind as whole and interdependent rather than reduced to parts as in reductionist medicine).

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Qigong and Tai chi research

Much more research has been conducted into tai chi because it’s better known than qigong, but it is generally accepted that because the two practices share many common features, their effects are likely to be similar.

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